This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.

Ps. Ruth Hasselgren

(2022 Conference Task Force, Deputy director for Europe Swedish Pentecostal Mission, Pastor Pingstkyrkan Eskilstuna)


2.00 PM Grand Opening – Speakers: Rev. Daniel Alm and Rev. Pelle Hörnmark

3.00 PM Coffee break

3.30 PM Track Sessions *

6.00 PM Supper

7.00 PM “Wake up Europe” – Speaker: Dr. William Wilson


9.00 AM Plenary 1 – EPTA – Speaker: Rev. Dr. Neil Hudson.

10.30 AM Coffee break

11.00 AM Plenary 2 – PYE – Wake up call for the next generation – with Stephan Christiansen with the Pentecostal Youth of Europe leadership team

12.30 PM Lunch

14.00 PM Track Sessions (*)

17.30 PM Supper

19.00 PM Revival Service


8.30 AM PEF General Assembly

10.00 AM Plenary 3 PEM – “Wake up for the unreached”

    • Speakers: Linda Harding and Rev. Daniel Costanza.

11.00 AM Plenary 4 – Communion closing service

    • “Wake up Europe” – Speaker: PEF new Chairman

*Conference Tracks

PEF Track

  • Wednesday
  1. Immigrant churches in Europe
  2. East West Europe challenges – Facilitator: Rev. Marek Kaminski
  • Thursday
  1. The Post-Covid Church – Facilitator: Rev. Oystein Gjerme
  2. Balkans Challenge

PEM Track

  • “Wake up, Let’s Work Together: Deepening Cooperation in Missions”
  • Wake up for the Unreached
  • Wake up to pray for the Mission
  • Wake up for the Future Missions: Training and Next Generation

EPTA Track

« Nordic Pentecostalism» :
We need to “wake up” to the reality of Pentecostalism in Europe, in this case Pentecostalism in the Nordic countries. This track will focus on the development, current status, and challenges and opportunities of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. There will be four papers each focusing on a specific Nordic country by a presenter from that country. Each session will also have allocated time for Q&A and wider discussion. The sessions, with different presenters, will not only enable people to learn more about Nordic Pentecostalism, but will also function as a valuable way for people interested in the state of Pentecostalism in Europe to connect with each other.

PYE (Youth) Track

1. Local Church Youth ministry in Europe after the pandemic
PYE TEAM and National Youth Leaders

2. Strategies for evangelising the youth of Europe – Schools, universities and media.
PYE TEAM and National Youth Leaders

3. Jesus to the Youth of Europe – the Pentecostal Youth of Europe on a joint mission
PYE TEAM and National Youth Leaders

4. Leading the next generation – personal growth and renewal
PYE TEAM and National Youth Leaders


Evening Plenary Revival Sessions do not require registration!

Wake Up Europe 2022